Tummy Tucks vs. Liposuction: Which is Right for You?

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Overview of Tummy Tuck and Liposuction Patients often wonder if they should get a tummy tuck, liposuction, or some combination of the two. The answer to this question isn't always black and white; it varies depending on multiple factors that we will explore in greater detail below. The amount of excess skin and fat you have is one of the key factors in deciding which procedure to choose. If most of your problem area is extra skin, a tummy tuck will give you the best results. But if there's not much loose skin and mostly just fatty tissue, liposuction might [...]

Questions to Ask If You’re Considering a Breast Augmentation

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If you’re thinking about breast augmentation, you might have an idea of how the procedure works and what type of outcome you desire. Before you move forward with the surgery, however, you’ll meet with a plastic surgeon for a one-on-one consultation. We highly recommend seeking a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.  During this time, you’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. These may include the following. Am I a good candidate? While breast augmentation is a great option for many women, it’s not for everyone. During your consultation, the surgeon [...]

The Difference Between a Plastic Surgeon and Cosmetic Surgeon

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While the terms “plastic surgeon” and “cosmetic surgeon” often get used interchangeably, they’re not the same. In fact, there are significant differences between plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons. If you’re in the market for an aesthetic procedure, it’s important to familiarize yourself with how these two types of professionals differ. Keep reading to find out. Qualifications for Plastic Surgeons and Cosmetic Surgeons Plastic surgeons are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, one of the 24 medical specialty boards recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties. Cosmetic surgeons, on the other hand, have not earned certification from the [...]

Health and Safety Considerations Before Plastic Surgery

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Your health and safety should be of utmost priority before, during, and after any surgery. Before your cosmetic surgery, your plastic surgeon will want to fully review your medical history and answer any questions or concerns. Candid communication with your surgeon and staff will support the best outcome of your surgery. Providing accurate answers when disclosing your general state of health will help your surgeon know what safety considerations need to be addressed prior to surgery. Your medical history should include: A full disclosure of health history including any illness, prior surgery of any kind and complications from prior surgery [...]

Daddy Do-Over: the Male Cosmetic Surgery Equivalent of a Mommy Makeover

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Men are seeking body contouring and facial procedures to boost confidence physically and to compete for career advancement. A “Daddy Do-Over” body contouring rejuvenation is similar to a “Mommy Makeover” in that both terms refer to a combination of surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic procedures. Facial procedures and treatments such as nose reshaping, eyelid surgery, and Botox are also popular. For any cosmetic surgery, the best plastic surgeons in the Dallas Fort Worth area can be found in the Dallas Society of Plastic Surgeons member directory. Men do not go through the same physical changes as women experience as a consequence [...]

Skin Removal after Massive Weight Loss

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After massive weight loss due to weight loss surgery and/or lifestyle changes, a board-certified plastic surgeon can remove excess sagging skin and fat surgically. Following substantial weight loss, the skin and tissues often lack the elasticity to “bounce back” to the reduced body size. Body contouring procedures on a woman or man will result in a better-proportioned appearance with smoother contours. Feeling confident and excited about your weight loss accomplishments can be heightened once your loose skin is removed and you are able wear clothes that accentuate your new figure! To revive your youthful physique, a surgical assist can be [...]

Post-quarantine Body Contouring Options

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COVID quarantine orders have contributed to changes in dietary and exercise habits and are causing people to gain weight. If you are looking forward to getting your body shape back to looking your best, body contouring can help! Pent-up demand for cosmetic surgery is creating an influx of patients to plastic surgeons’ offices. The results of a national survey by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons released in April “show that tummy tucks (22%) and liposuction (17%) are among the top procedures that women are extremely or very likely to consider within six months. The reason (for the higher demand) [...]

Considering breast implants for swimsuit season? Here is what to consider before your cosmetic surgery.

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As summer approaches, you may be thinking, “I want to look amazing in my bikini!” A breast augmentation with fat transfer or breast implants can enhance your breast size and shape. For safe, natural-looking results, your breast augmentation should be performed by a well-trained, board-certified plastic surgeon. During your cosmetic consultation, your surgeon will guide your decision to have silicone or saline implants, or your own fat transferred. If you want to increase a cup size or larger, implants are a great choice. To know what size of implants will be best for your body type, your surgeon will take [...]

Want bigger or smaller breast implants? A breast implant exchange may be the answer

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While most women are pleased with their initial breast implants, for some, the changing appearance that comes with age, can create a desire for perkier, more youthful looking breasts. The implants that may have looked great at 20 years old may now feel and look too large at age 40 or 50. If size is the main concern, going bigger or smaller with your breast implants can usually be easily achieved with a breast implant exchange, also known as breast augmentation revision. Reasons for breast implant exchange Displeasure with the appearance of your initial breast implants, however, is only one [...]

What is included in a Mommy Makeover?

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Throughout pregnancy a woman’s abdomen transforms through the stretching of muscles and skin as the baby grows. Breasts enlarge and then get even bigger with breast feeding. Unfortunately, this stretching can create havoc on a woman’s ability to regain her taut, pre-baby body shape no matter how much exercise and dieting she does. The combination of cosmetic procedures performed in a “mommy makeover” typically includes procedures to restore the appearance of the breasts and tummy. These are the areas of the body that tend to suffer the most after pregnancy; hence, the term “mommy makeover”. Your plastic surgeon’s goal will [...]

Mommy Makeover: Who is a Candidate?

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While childbirth is considered one of the greatest joys in life, many women would prefer to have their pre-pregnancy bodies back. Sixty-two percent of mothers said they would be interested in reshaping their bodies if cost was not an issue, according to an American Society of Plastic Surgeons survey. That is why the “Mommy Makeover,” a combination of cosmetic surgery procedures, is increasingly an option for women looking to restore their appearance after they have had their kids or lost significant weight. Pregnancy, childbirth, breast feeding and massive weight loss all can lead to stretched skin, droopy breasts, thickened waists, [...]

2013 Top 5 Cosmetic Surgical Procedures in the U.S.

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2013 Top 5 Cosmetic Surgical Procedures in the U.S. 2013 vs. 2012 Breast augmentation (290,000) up 1% Nose reshaping (221,000) down 9% Eyelid surgery (216,000) up 6% Liposuction (200,000) down 1% Facelift (133,000) up 6% Statistics reported by the AMERICAN SOCIETY OF PLASTIC SURGEONS. ASPS procedural statistics represent procedures performed by ASPS Member Surgeons certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery® as well as other physicians certified by American Board of Medical Specialties-recognized boards. ©ASPS, 2014 Click here to go to our home page and use our directory to find Board Certified Plastic Surgeon near you.

Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Trends in the USA

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Percentage change 2013 vs. 2012 15.1 million Cosmetic procedures up 3% 1.6 million Cosmetic surgical procedures up 1% 13.4 million Cosmetic minimally-invasive procedures up 3% 5.7 million Reconstructive procedures up 2% Statistics reported by the AMERICAN SOCIETY OF PLASTIC SURGEONS. ASPS procedural statistics represent procedures performed by ASPS Member Surgeons certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery® as well as other physicians certified by American Board of Medical Specialties-recognized boards. ©ASPS, 2014 Click here to go to our home page and use our directory to find Board Certified Plastic Surgeon near you.

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